Back to School Welcome to Home Tuition Service 121. Our tutors charge a reasonable tuition fee, catering to a 1 to 1 tutoring service at most levels and many areas in Singapore. Our tuition coordinators at Home Tuition Service 121 pay special attention to suggest the right tutors based on your child’s requirements. Home Tuition Service 121, believe that all children are talented and special in their own ways.

We are a tuition agency, offering personalized 1 to 1 home tuition service in Singapore, helping students to achieve their unlimited potentials. Our tutors brings learning to your doorstep, making it easier for parents and children, tailored programs and subjects to fit your needs and busy schedule.

Home Tuition Service 121 adopts a very stringent process based on our tuition agency’s requirements when recruiting he tutors and always looking for the right tutors who are committed and passionate about teaching.

Home tuition has become a tool of great significance for many parents and students in Singapore today, to help cope with the academic struggles and challenges faced by many students, both in schools and all over the world.

We focus on making proper selection and matching each tutor for each child’s need as we believe there is always room for improvement.


Home Tuition Service 121 understands that as human being, we are not perfect and to err is human. That is why a pencil comes with an eraser so that we too can make amendments and progress ahead. Remember, when our child is happy, we are happy too. How do we feel as adults and parents, when our child is unhappy, demoralize, dwelling in misery, does not want to go to school and even unwilling to complete, do schoolwork and housework hence making both the child and family’s lives difficult, agonizing and intolerable; both domestically and sociably.

Due to this reason and recognizing the provisions required, there has been an increase in tuition needs with an increase of freelance tutors and home tuition agencies in Singapore; offering and catering to home tuition services in our society. Sometimes, some of these tutors and tuition agencies may lack the ethics, expertise, aspiration and in-depth teaching experiences needed to deliver the personalized results which could further hurt and dismay both parents and their children, who are full of aspiration, adding salt to their existing wounds which therefore could lessen their trust and faith in tutors, tuition and tuition agencies, hence causing a misconception.

Home Tuition Service 121 has become the most regulative way of helping your loved ones, your child, to achieve and grow at his or her pace by adjusting and adapting to the child’s preferred learning method in an atmosphere where his or her environment caters to the aspects of safety, happiness, bonding, learning and understanding elements. We, as adults, parents or guardians, want only the best for our children and that is why we assist them to plan and achieve their academic and personal goals in life.

Here at Home Tuition Service 121, we not only care but also share your vision and mission to see your child's academic dreams by providing the right private home tutoring for your child. Most tuition agencies in Singapore have also set high standards for her tutors and teachers to at least meet the bench mark requirements and expectation.